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Here are some common questions about our HR Service.

HR Software

Can I access Employee Self Service modules from my home computer?

Yes, you can access Employee Self-Service modules from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser.

How long will it take to setup and run a project?

The duration will be different from project to project. It will depend on the services required. Normally it is advisable to have one or two months’ parallel run.

What size of a company would usually use MCSB HR Software?

Usage is not based upon the size of the company but on the need of the company.

Do I have to enter my employees’ data again if I decided to buy?

Absolutely not! We will do the data migration for you from your existing HR system.

What kind of support and training can I expect to receive during the implementation process and after we go live with the system?

A team of software support specialists are available to assist customers throughout their time with us, ensuring timely implementation and ongoing satisfaction with our services.  We will conduct onsite training during the implementation as well.

Can the application be customised as per my organization needs?

Yes, customization of existing features and new features can be added with an extra cost

Payroll Outsourcing

How can I ensure complete confidentiality of my information?

All our staff with access to payroll data are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Besides, we also have well established security measurements regarding the access to payroll data. Only the authorized staff have access to your payroll data.

What are the benefits of having payroll outsourcing service provider?

This can be a real benefit to a business as it reduces the administrative burdens and the risk of penalty and interest charges

What are the cost of hiring payroll outsourcing service provider?

Payroll costs are based on many variables – number of employees, pay frequency and optional products/services. Therefore, each quotation is customized to fit the customer’s need.

How do I notify you of the changes to my payroll such as new employee?

You can either inform us via email/phone 3 days before payroll cut-off date

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