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Time and labor tracking is an essential part of your overall payroll and HR strategy. Accurate payroll starts from the moment your employees clock-in. Together with powerful scheduling tools, an automated time and labor management solution can help you to manage labour costs, simplify compliance, and boost productivity.

Labors are most likely your biggest business cost. You need to better understand your staffing needs and plan accordingly — while providing transparency and flexibility to your staff. Our tools help you to manage overtime, absences, overstaffing, understaffing, and the use of premium labour. By automating time and attendance, you can reduce manual administration and get back to running your business.

Time Management System

A sophisticated time management system trailing on your employee’s attendance. The direct time clock link allows data collected from the electronic time clock to be downloaded directly to the system for further processing.


Provides a user-defined appraisal system to keep track the employee’s performance level and objective reviews. The system also helps define the recommended salary increment or performance bonus corresponding to a particular range of rating/scores achieved by the individual employee.


Our system is equipped with Crystal Report where it can convert the files to any format which you require. All reports can be customized to fit your requirements

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