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Desktop Productivity Tools

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Microsoft Excel

We will teach the basics and advanced features of SQL. You will learn to convert and manipulate data with SQL’s built-in functions and use conditional logic in data statements.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

Are your employees well trained to deliver your company’s key presentations? We will guide you in creating professional-quality slides and discover essentials tips and techniques for making first-rate presentations

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Microsoft Word

Our training will walk you through all you need to know about Microsoft Word, the key skills of written communication enabling you to write more concisely and effectively.

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Microsoft Project

The benefit of learning the Microsoft Project training may introduce you to whole new process of creating task lists, project tracking, schedule, maintenance and lot more activities.

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Microsoft Access

The benefit of learning the Microsoft Access to develop simple, personal database-management systems. Microsoft Access is an excellent platform for developing an application that can run a small business.

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Office 365 for Business

Office 365 is the latest and mobile Office applications  and is changing the way businesses work. Whether your are working in your office or on the of, you get a familiar, top-of-the-line set of productivity tools.

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