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8 Reliable Funding Alternatives for SMEs

Today’s SMEs exist in a new economic landscape that forces creativity and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to financing. It is therefore necessary to broaden the range of financing instruments available to SMEs and entrepreneurs, in order to enable them to...

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New Private Market for SMEs To Set In Q2

Bursa Malaysia Bhd is expected to launch a new private market, a platform specially designed for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), on the bourse in the next quarter. Undeniably, SMEs were a core contributor to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP)...

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公司必须上网呈报E表格! 赶快了解身为雇主今年报税一定要知道的有哪些!

提交E表格的截止日期   eData Praisi - 2017年2月22日关闭 Form EA - 必须在2017年2月28日准备好并提供给所有员工 Form CP58 -不迟于分发奖励次年的3月31日   归类为公司的雇主必须上网呈报E表格 马来西亚内陆税收局(IRBM)已宣布所有归类为公司的雇主(包括纳闽联邦直辖区Labuan的公司)必须通过网上呈报2016薪酬年度的雇主报税表(FORM E)【所得税法令(ITA)1967第83(1B )条例】。 如果公司手动提交E表格怎么办?...

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5 Payroll Outsourcing Trends In 2017

Over the years, several significant advances have been made in the payroll processes. Today, companies no longer need to invest and train payroll officers or hire accountants. All they have to do is sit back and let their administrative and payroll processes run...

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